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I absolutely LOVE this class! I enjoyed music as a child and played a couple of instruments. I enjoyed it so much as a child that I wanted my daughter to have the same experience. This is the BEST music class for tots around. The perfect balance of play, dance, and experimenting with making rhythms using the instruments. I checked out several classes in the San Gabriel Valley area and none of them complete.

Jennifer M.

Teacher Jeanina is EXCELLENT at what she does. My daughter asks for her all week long and anticipates going to music class. On top of all that...I've watched my daughter turn into this little music machine! She dances, sings out loud, makes up her own songs, and she learns the words to any song so quickly now!!! Love it.


Dear Stephanie,
Thank you for being such an amazing, incredible teacher. You are not only brilliant, smart, and have a great voice, but you are also so warm and engaging and I was deeply impressed with how you taught our Saturday morning class; you could inspire even the most sleep deprived parent or hyperactive toddler to focus. We will recommend you and the program to our family and friends.

With much gratitude, Judy

I cannot say enough how much we love our instructor, Audrey. I now have my second child in her classes because of her sense of humor, creativity and fast pace. Having done some collections twice myself, I am always looking forward to her song presentations. I don't think she repeated herself once. Kids love her attitude and silliness. and respond by active participation through voice and dance. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone! Thank you, Audrey!

Tanya P.

Dan is really great with the kids and the music. The kids LOVE the instruments and helping him clean up. They also love getting to strum the guitar and are pretty focused in class. Dan is great at encouraging the parents to stay involved and active.


We have thoroughly enjoyed out experience as always! We really enjoy our classes with Sara, she brings a great spirit and energy to the class that keeps us coming back. Thank you for the wonderful experience!


Our 1st semester was a fun time to spend w/baby and other parents and their babies. I really enjoyed Jeanina's enthusiasm and methods to connect w/ the children (both in song and out of song).

Lisa B.

Ms. Stephanie is absolutely amazing! She is very talented musically & with the children. She is an asset to Music Together®. She's always so joyful when singing and interacting with everybody. We return to this class because of Ms. Stephanie. We have really enjoyed the experience. Thank you!


Thanks so much, Audrey! You're the best! My son has learned so much from you. Thanks so much for investing in the kids. We can really see his music development. Thanks!


Dan was an excellent instructor that helped our child grow throughout the class. The first class our child was very, very shy. By the last class he was engaging Dan and other students.


My daughter enjoys the music as well as playing with the various types of instruments. She loves her teacher Sara! I love to see my daughter interact with other kids. Music itself has brought energy & happiness to my daughter. She dances more whenever she hears the music and sings along. If music makes her happy, it makes me happy.


I can't say enough how completely appropriate this program is for children /toddlers/babies! I recommend it, with great enthusiasm, to every parent I meet and know. Thank you, Jeanina, for years of music enjoyment and cherished time spent with my daughter!


It was our first time, and my mom friends recommended this class. We really enjoyed it and I appreciated having Stephanie as our teacher. Stephanie is an excellent, very patient, and enthusiastic teacher. She's GREAT!


I enjoyed Audrey's class and had fun singing to my son at home. He would light up, as I could see him remembering singing the songs in class. It's also a great class for socialization; where kids interact and participate while learning. Thank you, Audrey!


Dan is so calm, composed and friendly that my son looks up to him. We all really love the class. It's something that we look forward to!


My son is mesmerized by the class, teacher Sara, and CD. I can see my son growing. He gets so much out of it.


I like the songs and having a non-nursery rhyme arsenal of music is very helpful. The Center Director Jeanina is quite skilled at presenting music in a playful setting. I'm positive it has helped my daughter (and even myself!) understand singing and music better.


Dan is very creative in presenting the songs and brings out a lot of energy in everyone.


Stephanie needs to be recognized for being an absolutely amazing teacher. She makes it a wonderful experience for the whole family. This is s wonderful, fun, interactive program that has really contributed to our daughter's development. Music Together has becomes a central part of our lives!